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Les Yeux de Sarah
Patrick Chauvel
2007 - 95 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

The film follows Sarah Caron in her work in the course of a year. A famous photographer, this young woman travels around the world with passion to discover major events often overlooked by the media, which usually favour more attractive stories that sell better.
Despite this tendency for striking images, the leading magazines publish her work, recognizing her special eye. We follow this uncompromising photojournalist to Cambodia, southern Thailand, the Sinai desert, Afghanistan, Israel, anywhere she can find the stories behind the “story,” off the beaten track, in harmony with others and her art. We also follow her to the news desks of French and American agencies that use her pictures.

Author-Director : Patrick Chauvel
Photography : Patrick Chauvel
Sound : Patrick Chauvel
Editing : Bruno Prince
Delegate Producer : TAC Presse
Co-producer : Films et Marguerite


Distributor : Java Films