Les murs ont des visages
Bijan Anquetil, Paul Costes
2007 - 64 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

All three Dastvaré children were killed during the Iran-Iraq War. The Islamic Republic of Iran had a mural painted in their memory. A fresco which, among hundreds of others in Tehran, represents these young soldiers who sacrificed their lives, in the name of God, for their country, dying as "martyrs of Islam".
Today, in their neighbourhood, the legend of the "Dastvaré martyrs" still circulates, a complex mix of popular religion, State propaganda and personal memories. Les murs ont des visages questions the disillusion that surrounds an ideology based on the martyr’s figure, the founding myth of the Iranian new regime.
Available in 52 min.

Author-Director : Bijan Anquetil, Paul Costes
Photography : Paul Costes, Bijan Anquetil
Sound : Farokh Fadâhi
Editing : Paul Costes, Bijan Anquetil
Delegate Producer : Play film
Broadcasting Co-producer : Images Plus
Contribution : CNC, Fondation de France


Distributor : Andana films
Disponible au Club du doc


2008 - DocLisboa, Lisbonne (Portugal) : Sélection
2008 - Tiburon International Film Festival, Tiburon (États-Unis) : Sélection
2008 - Doc Point, Helsinki (Finlande) : Sélection
2007 - États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France) : Incertains Regards