Mondes de Vincent
Rozenn Potin
2015 - 80 min - HD - Couleur - Canada (Québec)

In his world there are griffons, supermen, the 3rd voice or THE voice, and numerous voices, which speak of almost everywhere. There are the neuroleptic and their unacceptable side effects, the crises and the stays in psychiatric hospitals, there is a before and an after, world which dissolves under our feet, the incomprehension and the difficult acceptance, the hard social glance to be confronted, the weight of the guilt... It is the world of my brother, the world of the schizophrenia, the world of crazy people. To realize this movie I entered on tiptoe in his world.


Distributor : Les Films du 3 mars


2015 - Festival de Cinéma de Douarnenez - Gouel Ar Filmou, Douarnenez (France) : Sélection