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Les Amis du plaisir, trente ans après
Luc De Heusch
1995 - 44 min - 35 mm - Couleur - Belgique

Thirty years ago, the little village of Moulbaix and its 500 residents, in the Ath region (Western Hainault) hosted Luc de Heusch and his team, who came to film their work, hobbies and their passion for theater.
In autumn, the members of the Dramatic Art Society, also called "Les Amis du plaisir", rehearsed for a play staged for the spring - and for a numerous audience.
Today, thirty years later, Luc de Heusch returns to the place and meets again the "alumni", Claudine and Joseph, Monique and Roger, Paula and Adrien, Christian... to celebrate in their company and with a new generation of actors, the centenary of the society founded in 1895, the year that cinema was invented.
This new version broadens the historical background by mixing past and present, calling to mind the melodrama and operetta that predated the comedy era. Social life is still lively in Moulbaix : fanfare, majorettes, choir, just like in the past. Since then, Alain, Paula's and Adrien's son, has become a professional actor. He turned his maternal grandparents' cottage into an art cabaret.
This is a film on the art of living, on the art of dreaming.


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