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Le Plus Beau Jour de ma vie
Jean-Luc Léon
2008 - 52 min - Couleur - France

After having been through a decline in popularity, marriage is back in fashion once again. Sometimes considered "the most beautiful day of my life", the wedding day is also a sort of theatrical tragic-comedy, as it implies the meeting of two families and two histories.
Myriam is the daughter of a German general; Sylvain is the son of a French general. They are both 30 years old and they’ve decided to get married! They first met eight years ago, but the moment has now come to prepare the wedding and make adjustments to accommodate their cultural differences: Sylvain and Myriam want to make a big celebration!
Jean-Luc Léon stays very close not only to the bride and groom; he also spends a long time following their families and friends before the marriage.
And when the big day finally arrives, each one of the principal protagonists will be followed by a camera, from their breakfast in the morning, until the end of the celebration.

Author-Director : Jean-Luc Léon
Delegate Producer : Album productions
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : France 3


Distributor : Album productions