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Le Pélican de Ramzan le Rouge
Lac Manchar - Vallée de l'Indus, Pakistan Série-Collection : Les Seigneurs des animaux

Jérôme-Cécil Auffret
1995 - 26 min - Super 16 mm - Couleur - France

The Mohana people have lived on the waters of the Indus River for more than 5,000 years. They dwell on boats and move with the seasons. The Mohana have a real passion for birds, for their grace and beauty.
Each family has its own garden of bird sand a garden's beauty depends on the art of placing each bird just so, as if in a painting. A Mohana family's honour is closely linked with the number and the variety of birds they are able to tame.
This story takes place in a lake village and relates the adventures of two old Mohana families. The family of Ramzan the Red has always been at odds with the family of Mohammad the Yellow. Generation after generation each family claims to be the first to have come to the fish and bird-infested lake.
Ramzan the Red captures a magnificent pelican. The prestige enjoyed by Ramzan's pelican immediatly reignites the dormant jealousies between the two families. Mohammad vows that he too will capture a pelican.


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