The Quai Branly Museum
Dialogue d'une culture
Guy Seligmann, Pierre-André Boutang
2006 - 85 min - Couleur - France

The Quai Branly Museum houses the world's most important collection of art from Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Born from the absorption of the Museum of Man and the National Museum of African and Oceanian Arts collections, it has also inherited former royal collections.
From the initial project, carried along by Jacques Kerchache, to the construction work of the building designed by Jean Nouvel, to putting the collections together, this film relays all the stages in the creation of this new cultural city, which attempts to redefine the way we perceive other cultures.

Author-Director : Guy Seligmann, Pierre-André Boutang
Author : Annie Chevallay
Delegate Producer : Sodaperaga
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE France


Distributor : Sodaperaga
DVD Editing : Arte vidéo
VOD : Arte VOD