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La vie est courte
Stéphanie de Lara
2002 - 52 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

This documentary narrates the portrait of a woman of our times and, through her, the portrait of a generation which was twenty years old in 1981. Carilina Diomandé, an artist of mixed race and HIV-positive, tells us about her handicaps, her thirst for life and for recognition, despite the obstacles of her birth and the way society looks at her. The "children" of the last century did not all have such a painful career, but they all keep a fragment of dream that does not want to be extinguished.
Our main character has chosen to live a passionate existence, with her share of being on the fringe of society, rather than a colourless life. Luck has often eluded her, but she hangs on to her humour, her wisdom and her rage for life.

Author-Director : Stéphanie de Lara
Delegate Producer : Final Cut


Distributor : Final Cut
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