The Busker
Nicolas Hans-Martin
2019 - 103 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

Jing is a young Chinese woman who lives in Paris. Hurt by an authoritarian father who never let her live her passion for a millennial musical instrument, the guzheng, she emigrated. She chose France. Her situation is precarious.
Playing music in the metro, collecting small jobs for Chinese cultural organizations, she struggles to earn her living, to keep her precious residence permit… and hopes to be able to repay her debt to her father.
Confronted to an intractable situation, she decides to go back to China…

Author-Director : Nicolas Hans-Martin
Photography : Nicolas Hans-Martin
Sound : Nicolas Hans-Martin
Editing : Annick Raoul
Delegate Producer : Bellota Films
Co-producer : Nicolas Hans-Martin
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : Vosges Télévision Images Plus
Contribution : CNC. COSIP, CNC. Fonds Images de la Diversité


Distributor : Bellota Films