Rencontre du visage Série-Collection : Vision Santé

Bernard Dal Molin, Michèle Dal Molin
2010 - 60 min - Beta digital - Couleur - France

In addition to emergency interventions, beyond first aid and rescue, with a different temporality, nearly 600 French Red Cross establishments strive daily. This documentary looks back on the encounters between professionals and seven individuals: Baptiste, Rosalie, Lucie and Ophélie, Yvon, Justine, Rachid. They all needed assistance to live better, and all crossed paths with professionals of the French Red Cross.

Author-Director : Bernard Dal Molin, Michèle Dal Molin
Photography : Bernard Dal Molin, Grégory Dal Molin
Sound : Laurent Mollard, Eric Michon
Editing : Bernard Dal Molin
Original Music : Serge Vella
Delegate Producer : Advita productions


Distributor : Advita productions
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV


2012 - Festival International du Film de Santé - ImagéSanté, Liège (Belgique) : Sélection