Philo vagabonde
Yohan Laffort
2015 - 98 min - HD - Couleur - France

After 20 years as a high-school philosophy teacher, Alain Guyard decided to act as a free representative of philosophy outside of the intellectual world. Just like Diogenes, he works with people and organisations of all sorts: instructors, farmers, nurses and simple citizens, but also psychiatric hospitals and prisons. The film follows him through his philosophical peregrinations which are both invigorating and accessible to all as well as off-beat and often subversive. He enjoys spending time with all those who interact with philosophy, which gives him a very wide audience. With him, philosophy is a pathway, a way of life, which liberates and allows one to rethink the way in which we work, the way in which we relate to others, and the way in which we relate to the world.

Author-Director : Yohan Laffort
Photography : Yanick Dumas
Sound : Frédéric Maury
Editing : Lionel Delebarre
Original Music : Yanick Dumas, Régis Denèque, Simon Fache
Delegate Producer : Mille et Une productions (Montpellier)
Contribution : Région Languedoc-Roussillon, CNC. COSIP, Région Nord-Pas-de-Calais


Distributor : Mille et Une productions (Montpellier)
Distributor : Les Films des deux rives