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Paix du golfe
Patrice Gérard
2012 - 52 min - HDCam - Couleur - France

Gascogne's Gulf offers a model in sea resources management by France and Spain, coordinated by the European Union. But it hasn't always been the case. This evolution is bother the result of a rigorous long-term scientific work and politic will.

Author-Director : Patrice Gérard
Photography : Yoan Martineau, Patrice Gérard
Sound : Pascal Coulombier, Jean-Edouard Chantebel
Editing : Hélène Blanpain
Delegate Producer : Pois Chiche films
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3 Nord Ouest, France 3
Contribution : CNC. COSIP


Distributor : Windrose Distribution
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