Ligne de couleur
Laurence Petit-Jouvet
2014 - 79 min - HD - Couleur - France

French men and women, who were born in France and who are perceived as being non-white (i.e. seen as Black, Arab, Asiatic or mixed...) address a "filmed letter" to someone of their choice, to talk about what it means for them to have to deal with their "colour" in today's France. Intimate and/or social experiences of "racial assignment" have left them with memories, emotions, wounds, questions... but the obstacles that they have had to overcome and the strategies that they have invented to do so, have also given them strength. That is why they wanted to use this opportunity to say something important about themselves regarding their "colour". Neither victims, nor political activists, they simply take the risk of speaking freely about their own lives.


Distributor : Association Avril
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