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Fugue inachevée
Marie de Laubier
2012 - 86 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

Alice Ader, the great Dame of piano, records for the first time at her home in the Goutte d'or (the drop of gold) district in Paris, the Art of the Fugue which is the masterpiece of her life, a life that Alice devoted entirely to music.
A chronicle of the creative process I filmed alone and in total immersion during the recording of the last fugue of the final monumental work composed by Johan Sebastian Bach .
Portrait of a demanding artist through Alice's quest for her own vision of the nineteenth and last fugue from the Art of the Fugue that Bach left unfinished on the melody that forms his signature.
In Germany as in the English-speaking world notes are letters: the last fugue remains suspended for eternity on this theme : B flat, A, C, H natural, that is to say Bach…

Author-Director : Marie de Laubier
Sound : Marie de Laubier, Franck Rossi
Editing : Idit Bloch
Delegate Producer : Marie de Laubier


Distributor : Marie de Laubier
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