Dernière des abeilles
Rafaël Gutierrez Pereira
2012 - 52 min - Couleur - France

Bees are now in decline, victims of disease, poisoning, predators. This is particularly serious because they are one of the most effective pollinators of our planet. What is done in the research ? What are the solutions to prevent this ecological disaster ? Rafael Gutierrez' documentary tries to answer to thèse questions with the testimony of scientists and professionals.

Author-Director : Rafaël Gutierrez Pereira
Photography : Rafaël Gutierrez Pereira
Sound : Olivier Allirol, Alexandre Perrier
Editing : Quentin Berthinier
Delegate Producer : C Productions Chromatiques
Broadcasting Co-producer : Cap Canal
Contribution : CNC. Aide à l'écriture


Distributor : 10 Francs
VOD : Capuseen (anciennement Films & Documentaires)
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