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L'Ensemble Kaboul en exil
Franck Schneider
2002 - 53 min - DV Cam - Couleur - Suisse, France

When Malang Nedjrabi gazes at Yossof Mahmood before they begin their percussion solo, there is drama in the air. The spectators forget the theatre stage and are transported to the outskirts of Kabul or the Panjshir valley.
The Ensemble Kabul brings to life the Afghan culture that has been battered by twenty-five years of conflict. The autumn of 2001 was experienced as a real trauma by the musicians of the Ensemble Kabul exiled in Switzerland. The departure of the Taliban was a huge relief. But most of the Afghan refugees left their country long before the Taliban came to power.
Afghan culture, Persian music and poetry are the real stakes of this film. The Ensemble Kabul is a unique example. They played a pivotal role until the fall of the Taliban. It is the only group who continued to play the traditional Afghan repertoire during the war.


Distributor : Stratis
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
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