The Art of Composition
Cécile Flipo
2018 - 33 min - Vidéo Full HD - Couleur - Pays-Bas

Fancy a date? Meet François, Jean, Lydie and Luce four "retirees" searching for love. They use dating websites or post ads in newspapers. They seem to be dating experts, yet they struggle to find a suitable romantic partner... In any event, through the intimacy of their homes, they demonstrate how one can "compose" life passionately at any age.
This ethnographic film speaks about the concerns of aging in connection with intimacy, sexuality, and love for elderly people. Moreover, it asks methodological questions regarding how intimacy can be approached and represented with the aid of a camera.

Author-Director : Cécile Flipo
Photography : Cécile Flipo
Sound : Cécile Flipo, Poul Sven De Haan
Editing : Cécile Flipo
Delegate Producer : Cécile Flipo


Distributor : Cécile Flipo
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