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Âme silencieuse
Françoise Dexmier
2016 - 62 min - HD - Couleur - France

A peaceful saga on a background of initiatory journey. Two artists isolate themselves, in the heart of Africa, in Mauritania, away from the chaos of the world.
A man, a woman, two generations, two cultures. One paints, the other films. An inner sight on the act of creation.

Author-Director : Françoise Dexmier
Photography : Françoise Dexmier
Sound : Françoise Dexmier, Christian Belhomme
Editing : Léo Aylar, Florian Julia, Olivier Moulaï
Original Music : Christian Belhomme
Delegate Producer : Françoise Dexmier


Distributor : Françoise Dexmier
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