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L'Âge d'or ?
Laurent Hasse
1996 - 52 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

Manou, Elfried and Manouzette are friends, they live alone in the same provincial town. They belong to what is in a quite hypocritical way called, the "golden age" and which Manou prefers to call "old age like a bird in the cage". How can they spend those "days which have become too long for them" ? How can they not feel excluded from a society whose main values are being young and having a job ?
This is what this film about old age proposes to show. Meeting them during their daily life we will discover that these old ladies haven't lost their greatness and their sense of humour.
The film ends on one of these women's words, a kind of mocking warning : "The population of the over 75 will increase of 40% by 2010, all the young ones, you are going to be outnumbered !"

Author-Director : Laurent Hasse
Delegate Producer : Sombrero Films
Broadcasting Co-producer : Images Plus
Broadcasting Sale : Planète
Broadcasting Sale : Canal Vie (Canada), TSR (Télévision suisse romande)
Contribution : CNC, Défi Jeunes


Distributor : Zaradoc Films
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