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L'Affaire Plogoff
Brigitte Chevet
2000 - 52 min - Beta numérique - Couleur - France

Twenty years ago, Plogoff, small village of the Cap Sizun in Brittany, contrary to all expectations, set a wild resistance against the implanting of a nuclear power station on its coasts. Plogoff, his women and his sailors led a real rural guerrilla. Slingshots against grenades, Briton stubborn against Parisian technocrats.
Their resistance moved Brittany, then quite complete France. Until press on the election of Mitterrand, in 1981, which will make of this municipality the only one in France have obtained the definitive cessation of a nuclear project on its ground. For the first time, this film gives word to the direct actors of "the affair Plogoff".
From this legend of Gallic village, resisting to the invader, this document dips back us into the chronicle of shaken time, and the end of the Years Giscard. It throws especially a lighting on a subject never approached in France : the implanting of nuclear civil.

Author-Director : Brigitte Chevet
Delegate Producer : Aligal Production
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3
Broadcasting Sale : La Cinquième
Contribution : CNC, Région Bretagne


Distributor : Aligal Production
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