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Nicolas Wadimoff
2005 - 82 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France, Suisse

During a ceremony on December 1st, 2003, the Geneva Initiative is launched and the whole world wants to believe – once again – that peace is at hand in the Middle East. After two and a half years of secret negotiations, a group of Israelis and Palestinians have come up with a " global and definitive " solution to the conflict – the echo in the media spans the globe.
The film starts after this ceremony, following the adventure of three Israelis and three Palestinians who signed the initiative and who decided – each for their own reasons – to fight for peace in the region. They are pragmatic and are masters in the art of negotiation. The word ‘peace’ sounds different coming from the mouth of each of them.
It’s a battle against their own family, friends or parties. But soon, further obstacles would be placed in their way: the continuing construction of the Wall, or Sharon’s disengagement plan in Gaza which threatens to torpedo the Initiative. Each camp is in fact a prisoner of his own public opinion. The Geneva Initiative is flagging, but the six signatories battle on.

Author-Director : Nicolas Wadimoff
Author : Béatrice Guelpa
Delegate Producer : Point du Jour
Co-producer : Akka Films
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE GEIE
Broadcasting Co-producer : TSR (Télévision suisse romande)
Broadcasting Co-producer : SRG SSR Idée suisse
Contribution : CNC, Office fédéral de la culture suisse, Ville de Genève, Fonds Regio Films


Distributor : Point du Jour International
Distributor : Solaris distribution
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