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Killer Viruses
Christian Skalnik, Claudia Hefner
1997 - 45 min - Vidéo - Couleur - France

Eighteen years after having eradicated small-pox, the alarm over emerging diseases echoes around the world. Every year one person out of tree dies of an infectious disease.
Doctors are fighting a desperate battle : mass tourism has brought exotic viruses to Europe, but also illness which supposedly have died out like tuberculosis, typhoid fever or dysentery are causing deaths again.
For "Killer Viruses" the film-makers have been visiting leading disease experts at their harassing and dangerous work and accompanied them to Africa in their search for deadly viruses like Marburg and Ebola.
However, where they did find the deadly microbes was in the middle of Europe.

Author-Director : Christian Skalnik, Claudia Hefner
Delegate Producer : Langbein & Partner, Christian Skalnik


Distributor : F for Film