François Hien
2015 - 86 min - Couleur - France

2014, Cairo. Marshal Sissi took power in Egypt. Hana, a young French-Iraqi woman has lived there for nine years. She gave up activism. It's a time of disillusionment.
I met her in Brussels six years earlier. Extremely activist, she organized conferences to inform western people about what happened in Iraq under US occupation. Trying to defend a country, which she couldn’t return to, she felt like a prisoner of an oppressive actuality.
In january 2011, I join her in Cairo when the revolution is about to break out. The unprecedented movement unfolding in the following days will change everything for Hana. And it is for political reasons that she will leave activism.
A portrait of a young woman through time, traversed by politics. "Kairos" looks for intimate resonances of an historical event that was followed all over the world.

Author-Director : François Hien
Photography : Michel Balagué, Mohammed Ammar
Sound : Fabrice Osinski
Editing : Catherine Zins, François Hien
Original Music : Rémi Gérard
Delegate Producer : CinéSilex
Co-producer : Chorus Productions
Contribution : Scam - Brouillon d'un rêve


Distributor : CinéSilex
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