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Pierre-Henry Salfati
2009 - 94 min - HDV - Couleur - France

Jerusalem: the Old City, an age-old set for a never-ending spectacle, where both visitors and locals are players in a mind-boggling human comedy.
Three guides, experts in the “thrice saintly” City, are as much at ease with the Torah, the Gospels or the Koran at once. Humorous and plainspoken, they take us through the lacy streets of the Jewish, Arab and Christian neighbourhoods... and tell us three different stories - or rather, three different versions of the same story...
From misunderstandings to mix-ups, from the Jerusalem syndrome to a brawl, from absurd situations to strange ceremonies, Pierre-Henry Salfati lets us discover Jerusalem as we have never seen it before. And, around a street corner or outside a holy place, fundamental issues are allowed to burst into the open...
And what if the solution was in the street? What if everybody was finally saying the same thing?


Distributor : Roche productions