I'd Rather Not Think about Tomorrow
Nathalie Joyeux
2013 - 79 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

Nolwenn, Abdelraouf and Florian are sixth form students in a commuter town near Paris. They are facing choices for their future. Nathalie Joyeux's tactful camera follows the little group during a four-year period, a decisive and fragile time, as their adult lives are being shaped.
The high school building, the commuter train station, the apartment blocks, the suburban neighborhoods become as many sets for a documentary comedy. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes disenchanted, the film evokes the universal feeling of a vanishing time as children faces lose their innocence.


Distributor : Parfums d'Italie
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2014 - Filmer le travail, Poitiers (France) : Prix "Valorisation de la recherche"