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Jazz Collection : Louis Amstrong Série-Collection : Jazz Collection

Sylvie Faguer, Jean-Luc Léon
1996 - 52 min - Vidéo - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

Louis Amstrong is one of the greatest jazz musician of the 20th century. The audience is not always aware of it, as he was considered as a wonderful entertainer, the dominant embleme of American show-business at its zenith. That is the reason why the aim of this film is to make better know his musical genius by favouring his most creative period form the 20's to the 40's. The film draws the historical dimension of Amstrong's career, the first artist who revealed to the world the Afro-American culture by giving jazz its classical form, a music that had its basis on "folklore" and became through him an universal art. This film is the first of a 10 hours series on the great jazz musicians that will be broadcast on first European exclusivity on Arte.

Author-Director : Jean-Luc Léon, Sylvie Faguer
Author : Gérald Arnaud
Delegate Producer : Ex nihilo
Broadcasting Co-producer : La Sept ARTE
Contribution : Procirep, CNC


Distributor : Doc & Film International