In The Likeness of Jacek
( Na podobienstwo Jacka )
Série-Collection : Polska Szkola Dokumentu

Andrzej Titkow
2000 - 54 min - Couleur - Pologne

Jacek Kuron talks in the film about his socialist father who instilled in him the commandment: always take the side of the underdog. He talks about the post-war years, how he got into community work and became a young apparatchik, and how he finally turned into an oppositionist. He talks about the Boy Scouts attempt ing to realize the utopian vision, in which justice and freedom are innately bound.

Author-Director : Andrzej Titkow
Photography : Jacek Knopp
Sound : Slawomir Wieckus
Editing : Boguslaw Saganowski
Original Music : Andrzej Krauze
Delegate Producer : Media Kontakt
Broadcasting Co-producer : TVP (Pologne)