In and Out
( Martial Solal et Bernard Lubat )

Thierry Augé
2014 - 90 min - HD - Couleur - France

Martial Solal and Bernard Lubat chose each other to interpret a new musical piece and accepted to observe and honestly comment on their own way of interpreting. One strikes the chords, pinching and knocking, whereas the other spins arpeggios with his right hand, leaving the left to flutter according to some ordered fantasy.
Face to face, keyboard to keyboard, Martial Solal and Bernard Lubat partake of the subtle art of a conversation, driven by a paradoxical mastery of improvisation.

Author-Director : Thierry Augé
Photography : Florence Levasseur
Sound : Jean-Yves Pouyat
Editing : Bertrand Sart
Delegate Producer : La Huit Production
Broadcasting Co-producer : Cinaps TV
Contribution : Sacem


Distributor : La Huit Distribution


2015 - Festival International Jean Rouch - Voir autrement le monde, Paris (France) : Compétition