There Will Not Be the War!
( Rata Nece Biti ! )

Daniele Gaglianone
2008 - 170 min - HDV - Couleur - Italie

Zoran, who is twenty-eight, wanders around the city. He recalls his painful childhood as a young Serb, whose father fought in the Bosnian army. In the village Sucesko, the forest ranger Mohamed has his sheep grazing in the very woods where he fled when Srebrenica fell. A former Bosnian soldier, Aziz, miraculously escaped the massacres...
At Tuzla, the International Commission of Missing Persons tries to discover the identities of those who disappeared in order to finally hand their bodies over to their families.

Author-Director : Daniele Gaglianone
Author : Andrea Parena
Author : Enrico Giovannone
Photography : Andrea Parena
Sound : Vito Martinelli, Angelo Galeano
Editing : Enrico Giovannone
Delegate Producer : BabyDoc film


Distributor : BabyDoc film