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Wilton Mc Connico
1999 - 26 min - 16 mm & 35 mm & Vidéo - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

A film is often the story of the meeting of two strong personalities.
Between Liouba Stoupakova, the young Russian girl with the exceptional background and Hilton McConnico, polymorphous American artist, everything clicked straight away.
When she told him about her life, her background, the idea of making a film became imperative.
With passion, Hilton followed her childhood and her adolescence in her country at a time of great change, tried to understand how the brilliant young woman that she was to become lived spiritually and intellectually through the historic events in her homeland.
Star mannequin for Louis Féraud, she was brilliantly successful in her exceptional studies. In spite of her many activities, she finds the time and the energy to get involved very actively in the fight for Human Rights.
Hilton McConnico gives us, throughout this film, a marvellous message of will, dignity and hope.

Author-Director : Wilton Mc Connico
Author : Anton Koslov
Delegate Producer : Claude Delon production
Co-producer : Ludovic Segarra Productions


Distributor : Claude Delon production
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