( Qui - Here )

Daniele Gaglianone
2014 - 118 min - HD - Couleur - Italie

English summary
Who are those who for 25 years oppose the project TAV Turin-Lyon?
"Qui (Here)" is the subjective story of 10 men and women who for 25 years oppose the project TAV: who they are, what is the thinking that guides their stubborn rebellion.
Gabriella Tittonel, Aurelio Loprevite, Nile Durbiano, Cinzia Dellepezze, Alessandro Lupi, Guido Fissore, Marisa Meyer, Luca Perino, Paola Jacob, Francesco Perino: a mayor, an activist of Radio Black Out, a nurse, a city councilman and farmer chestnuts, a lady who runs a farm, a computer scientist with a passion for photography ... 10 ordinary citizens, who have chosen to fight, every day, HERE.
10 portraits, made of words and silences, that tell the same bitter discovery: the betrayal of national policy, accused of abandoning the people to their fate, leaving them alone to deal with riot police.
Here, in the Susa Valley, the democratic blackout between state and citizen exploded before anywhere else, and in a so devastating way. So, people different from each other have found themselves on the same side to inhabit the same struggle, questioning the future and looking for answers.
However you think on TAV, those voices reveal that any of us could be in that place, in the face of difficult choices. The Susa Valley is no longer a periphery of the West, but a crossroads of Europe in a continent where there is a risk every day once again to become subjects, in the valley connecting Turin to France people will struggle to stay, above all, citizens.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Daniele Gaglianone
Son : Vito Martinelli
Montage : Enrico Giovannone
Producteur délégué : Axelotil Film
Coproducteur : Fandango
Coproducteur : Baby Doc Film


Distributeur : Axelotil Film


2014 - Torino Film Festival (TFF), Turin (Italie) : Premio Occhiali d'oro di Gandhi