Happy New Year
( Nyarsfesten )

Mauricio Hernández, Erick Viklund, Lisa Grip, Leïla Colin-Navaï, Joel Grip, Franzisca Hofmann
2019 - 76 min - Film Super 8 - Couleur - Suède

English summary
Dala Floda, 680 inhabitants. In the depths of the blue light of winter, six filmmakers ask themselves what does it mean to start a new year. Some locals have the key of the white parade, it has the shape of a distant memory, it belongs to the realm of a dialect song, it is the opportunity to evoque The Phantom Carriage, to do a musical performance, to incarnate a spirit, to read a poem, or simply to get together to share a happy New Year.


Distributeur : Umlicht, Transformation Gaze