H1N1, nos virus ont de l'avenir
Patrice Desenne
2009 - 52 min - DVC Pro - Couleur - France

H2N2, H3N2, behind these abbreviations lie some poorly defined biological "things" that we call viruses. For several months, one of them, H1N1, has been spreading rapidly accross all continents. By relying on the real facts of the current propagation and evolution of this flu virus, this documentary takes a scientific look at this new strain to fully understand how an entity of 250 nanometres "born" in Mexico and incapable of reproducing by itself, can generate a pandemic!
Faced with the tidal wave of information an interpretation and the media hype, this film tries to provide explanation, information and nuances.


Distributor : Grand Angle productions
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV