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Guitare de poche
Joëlle Léandre, contrebassiste, compositeur
Jean-Charles Huitorel
2001 - 52 min - Betacam SX - Couleur - France

"I'm quite outraged... I'm a Mingus... woman... that's it, I'm angry... I'm an angry woman !..."
A doublebass player, composer – and keen on words !... - who cannot be ignored on the contemporary stage, virtuoso of the instrument, Joëlle Léandre stands out as much in the contemporary repertoire as in the most fierce and unrestrained jazzy improvisations.
She lives in Paris, but she performs all over the world, solo or with others musicians. Her universe is made of encounters, travels, passions, research... and an obvious taste for the "chaos" !
Her swiftness, precision, solidity, humour made her a major musician. Her uncommon charisma and personality lead her to work with the most prestigious partners (Carlos Zingaro, Merce Cunninghan, Fred Frith, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Eric Watson, Irène Schweize...) or for the most outstanding composers of our time (Giacinto Scelsi, John Cage...).
It's remarkable, intense, singular...

Author-Director : Jean-Charles Huitorel
Delegate Producer : Tracol films
Co-producer : Spirale production
Broadcasting Co-producer : TV Rennes 35
Contribution : CNC, Région Bretagne


Distributor : Spirale production
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