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Ghosts of Electricity
Les Fantômes de l'électricité
Robert Kramer
1997 - 19 min - Vidéo - Couleur - Suisse

Ordered by the Locarno festival within the context of a series of films about “the future of cinema”, Ghosts of Electricity starts as a film on the Garden of Eden, when time is the real time, where the body weights its real weight, where we are still curious about the world around us, and where the link between the camera and the world isn’t broken yet. From there, we head off towards the consequences of a technological revolution which isn’t only emerging across the world, but which is already inside of us, behind our eyes.”
(Robert Kramer, previously unpublished text, 2000.)

Author-Director : Robert Kramer
Delegate Producer : Waka Films AG
Broadcasting Co-producer : TSI (Télévision suisse italienne)


Distributor : Brussels Ave