From Memory
( Z pamieci )
Série-Collection : Polska Szkola Dokumentu

Andrzej Titkow
1983 - 20 min - Noir & Blanc - Pologne

English summary
The first film in a trilogy devoted to postwar writers – the idols of his generation, followed by “Passerby” and “The Beautiful Twenty-Year-Old”.
Andrzej Bursa (1932-1957), who died at the age of 25, belonged to a circle of cursed poets who used brutality in their work, breaking the aesthetic convention, combining cynicism with lyricism. In the film his portrait is drawn by his closest friends, acquaintances, his sister, and finally his wife.
From memory, it is an attempt to give a true image of the poet, as well as an approach to the reconstruction of Bursa's last moments.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Andrzej Titkow
Image : Jacek Siwecki
Son : Krystyna Tunicka-Palluth
Montage : Jadwiga Lesniewska
Musique originale : Jan Kanty Pawluskiewicz
Producteur délégué : WFDIF (Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych I Fabularnych)