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For The Record Série-Collection : For The Record

Aïlien Reyns, Fleur Khani
2014 - 18 min - Couleur - Belgique

English Summary
"For The Record" is a film composed of collected footage and a voice-over. The images show Beijing, China, filmed through the eyes of its inhabitants. They show us the inside of their houses, bedrooms, daily rituals, pets, food, bathrooms, schools... We get to see what the Chinese character for "home" means for inhabitants of the Capital of the Chinese Republic and get an insight view of their daily lives, which is completely different of our western society and yet very recognisible.
The voice-over to these images will be written in English. A female voice speaks about her daily routines in a western capital. She describes her surroundings. She speaks about the different relationships she has towards others. She narrates memories about growing up. She speaks about her relationship with her own body. She closes in on small details, through which she approaches differently the material reality as well as the inside of her head.
This audiovisual work offers a contemporary insight in the lives of people in a metropole and researches more specifically the different forms of proximity. Through the images as well as the voice-over, the film aims to reformulate the question of proximity in contemporary urban society. The collected images from Beijing and the voice-over composed in Brussels, are both extremely sensory : the spectator becomes actively engaged. He needs to redefine his accordance to the publicity of the private sphere. Who is he as a spectator between spectators? What is one spectating? Who is he as a civilian? As a human?


Distributeur : Argos (Center for Art and Media)