For Memory
Marc Karlin
1982 - 114 min - 16 mm - Couleur - Royaume-Uni

A contemplation on cultural amnesia initiated through members of the British Army Film Unit present at the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. Through the central metaphor of a futuristic city Karlin examines how memory is constructed for its citizens; how heritage (protected) lies within, and memory (in danger of destruction) lies beyond the city walls. A museum space which holds historical archive and six case studies create an open structure to support the film’s question: why, what and how do we remember.

Author-Director : Marc Karlin
Author : Don Macpherson
Photography : Maxim Ford, Jonathan Bloom
Sound : Melanie Chait
Editing : Brand Thumim
Delegate Producer : BBC 1


Distributor : Marc Karlin Archive