Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Peter Nestler Zigeuner sein

Zigeuner sein ( Att vara zigenare )
Peter Nestler
1970 - Suède - Noir & Blanc - 47'

The history of the Gypsies has always been marked by persecution, which reached a climax of unbelievable violence in their attempted extermination by the Nazis. By intercutting painter Otto Pankok’s powerful works with memories of the violence they suffered and the harsh conditions of daily life they endure, Peter Nestler, working with his wife, Zsóka, and mother, Birgitta Wolf, confronts the history of a dignified and constantly threatened people with great empathy and lucidity.

Photography : Peter Nestler
Sound : Zsóka Nestler
Editing : Peter Nestler
Production : Sveriges Radio