Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Michael Snow Wavelength

Michael Snow
1967 - États-Unis/Canada - Couleur - 45'

Wavelength was shot in one week in December 1966, preceded by a year of notes, thoughts, mutterings. I wanted to make a summation of my nervous system, religious inklings, and aesthetic ideas. I was thinking of, planning for a time monument in which the beauty and sadness of equivalence would be celebrated, thinking of trying to make a definitive statement of pure Film space and time, a balancing of ‘illusion’ and ‘fact,’ all about seeing. The film is a continuous zoom which takes forty-five minutes to go from its widest field to its smallest and final field.” M.S.

Sound : Ted Wolff
Editing : Michael Snow
Music : Michael Snow
Interpretation : Hollis Frampton, Lynne Grossman, Naoto Nakagawa, Rosewell Rudd, Amy Taubin, Joyce Wieland
Production : Michael Snow
Distribution : Cinédoc Paris Films Coop