Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Peter Nestler Von Griechenland

Von Griechenland
Peter Nestler
1965 - RFA - Noir & Blanc - 28'

Greece filmed at a fundamental moment of its recent history, immediately prior to the military coup of 1967: a country where the tensions between fascism and antifascism continued after the war and broke out in a confused search for a truly free future. Nestler films the Greek people with respect and empathy, and creates one of his masterpieces, based on rigorous articulation between live footage, commentary and documents from the resistance to Nazism and fascism.

Author : Peter Nestler, en collaboration avec Reinald Schnell
Photography : Peter Nestler
Sound : Peter Nestler
Editing : Peter Nestler
Production : Peter Nestler