Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Rediffusions Variations on the Theme -

Variations on the Theme - ( Variace na téma - „Hledaní tvaru" )
Drahomíra Vihanová
1986 - Tchécoslovaquie - Noir & Blanc - 20'

Starting out from pianist František Rauch's interpretation of the Fifth Concerto for piano and orchestra, Drahomíra Vihanová unveils the artist's mysterious character and acquaints us with his immense mastery of his art. She films the different stages of interpretation — reflection, preparation, execution — in order to focus on the process of artistic research and creation.

Photography : Ivan Vojnár
Sound : Libor Sedláček
Editing : Drahomíra Vihanová
Production : Václav Hájek
Distribution : Národní filmový archive (magdalena.maslon@nfa.cz, +420 222 592 474)