Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Doc Route: Czech Republic — And a detour by Slovakia Une maison à Prague

Une maison à Prague
Stan Neumann
1998 - France/Allemagne/République tchèque - Couleur - 70'

“A great century, the one that’s finishing. A great city, Prague. A small house, where I was born. The house has crossed the century, with the problems of all houses: leaks and cracks, transformation of spaces, threats of demolition. And the century has crossed the house. Like a thread which led its inhabitants from the anarchist movement to communism, then stalinism, then to socialism with a human face, then realistic socialism, then just plain reality. Today I feel the need to return to this house and its stories. My house is my landmark, my observation post and my instrument of measure.” (Stan Neumann)

Photography : Richard Copans
Sound : Sbynek Mikulik
Editing : Catherine Adda
Production : Les Films d'Ici, MDR, Krátký Film Praha
Distribution : Les Films d'Ici (catherine.roux@lesfilmsdici.fr, +33 (0)1 44 52 23 33)