Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Peter Nestler Über das Aufkommen des Buchdrucks

Über das Aufkommen des Buchdrucks ( Om boktryckets uppkomst )
Peter Nestler
1971 - Suède - Couleur - 24'

Using archives and images shot in Sweden and Germany, Nestler relates the history of printing as a craft: at once a highly refined art and a caretaking, meticulous labour, from the manufacture of paper to the engraving and printing. With the same precision, the director’s voice describes the processes of production and places these phenomena in their historical context, through to industrialisation and the disappearance of a set of skills, or their reappearance as political art.

16 mm projection

Author : Peter Nestler, en collaboration avec Zsóka Nestler
Photography : Peter Nestler
Sound : Zsóka Nestler
Editing : Peter Nestler
Production : Sveriges Radio