Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Rescreening Trace Elements

Trace Elements
Gunvor Nelson
2003 - Suède - Couleur - 10'

Trace Elements is Gunvor Nelson’s first video in which she returns to one of her prime characteristics, movement and the moving camera. Whereas both Tree-Line and Snowdrift dealt with the image as object, the focus is now on the camera as a way of seeing and discovering the world. The video shows Gunvor Nelson’s moving shadow on the floor of her studio, as if the camera was searching for its object, being occasionally interrupted by colourful close-ups of flowers and plants; shots that foreshadow True to Life. (John Sundholm)

Distribution : Filmform (anna-karin.larsson@filmform.com, +46 (0)8 651 84 26)