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Tour de main
Demis Herenger
2011 - France - Couleur - 18'

I imagine Tour de main as a series of eight portraits. Work began in February 2011 in the Penitentiary of Saint Quentin Fallavier (Isère, central France). The idea was to film individuals without portraying the context of prison or their professional activity. Each one presents some skill with his own gesture and language. In the tempo set by their speech, in the attention they pay to their gestures, in the precision and technicality of their language, I was looking for the disquieting strangeness of otherness. These people are alone, detached by lighting from a dark or black background: they emerge from the night of some memory. Their body and speech are their only collateral.

Photography : Demis Herenger, Fabien Gandet
Sound : Pali Meurseault
Editing : Demis Herenger
Production : Les 2 maisons
Distribution : Les 2 maisons (les2maisons@gmail.com, +33 (0)4 76 47 46 75)