Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Sándor Sára Tisza-öszi vázlatok (Tisza – Esquisses automnales)

Tisza-öszi vázlatok (Tisza – Esquisses automnales)
István Gaál
1963 - Couleur - 16'

A stunningly beautiful poetic film based on typical landscapes from Gaál and Sára's childhood. The great Tisza River is at once a place of work and leisure, of play and effort. Autumn shimmers in all its colours thanks to Sándor Sára's masterful camerawork. A film of tracking shots that slide softly along the water, like the “panoramic views” of the Lumière brothers...

Photography : Sándor Sára
Sound : Gyula Novák
Editing : István Gaál, Klára Csöndes
Music : András Szöllősy
Production : Budapest Filmstúdió
(szorenyi.dorottya@mandarchiv.hu, +36 13 94 13 22 143)