Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Special Screenings Tarzan Retired

Tarzan Retired
Roman Buxbaum
2006 - Suisse - Couleur - 32'

“People ask me “What are you, Mr. Tichý? Are you a painter, a sculptor or a writer?” I reply “You know who I am? I am Tarzan retired!” offers Miroslav Tichý, the now nearly eighty-two-year-old Czech painter, photographer and master at the art of living.

Photography : Martin Vardas, Roman Buxbaum
Sound : Roman Buxbaum
Editing : Kathrin Plüss
Production : Roman Buxbaum
Distribution : Foundation Tichý Ocean (karin@tichyocean.ch, +41 43 333 25 80)