Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Barbara Meter Stretto

Barbara Meter
2005 - Pays-Bas - Couleur - 6'

A film made up of old photographs and films in which past and present merge. “In different countries on markets and in stuffy bookshops, I found old cards and photos, depicting families, portraits of aunts and pater familias, children, a group of musicians, school classes. [...] Those pictures are connected to each other, travelling through time as well by combining it with moving images of the 'present' in a compact rhythm. John Cage's amazing music accompanies it. I hoped he would agree…” (Barbara Meter)

Photography : Barbara Meter
Sound : Alan Seip
Editing : Barbara Meter
Music : John Cage
Production : Barbara Meter
Distribution : FilmMuseum Eye (martajurkiewicz@eyefilm.nl, +31 (0)20 7582350)