Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Doc Route: Russia Somebody, But Not You

Somebody, But Not You
Konstantin Chavlovsky
2009 - Russie - Couleur - 36'

They were captured on film almost forty years ago. Successful workers, winners of competitions, students, and scientists - ordinary citizens of Saint-Petersburg came to the Petersburg’s Documentary Studio to see themselves in the old newsreels. What will this meeting bring up? They are remembering the past in the editing room. And sometimes the best commentary is their silence.

Author : Konstantin Chavlovsky, Sergueï Gelver
Photography : Alicher Khamikhodzhaev
Sound : Alexander Dudarev
Editing : Yana Taran
Production : Séance Workshop
Distribution : Konstantin Shavlovsky (Shavlovsky@gmail.com)